Spring 2014 Registration….Yes, It’s Almost upon Us!

Spring 2014 Registration ScheduleHours
Earned Registration Begins Registration Ends
130-150+ 7 AM, November 6th January 2nd
120-129 7 AM, November 7th January 2nd
110-119 7 AM, November 8th January 2nd
100-109 7 AM, November 11th January 2nd
90-99 7 AM, November 12th January 2nd
80-89 7 AM, November 13th January 2nd
70-79 7 AM, November 14th January 2nd
60-69 7 AM, November 15th January 2nd
45-59 7 AM, November 18th January 2nd
30-44 7 AM, November 19th January 2nd

COSUAC Extended Walk-in Hours for November
Extended Walk-in Hours are November 8th-19th
Day AM Walk-in Hours PM Walk-in Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9-11:30 AM 1:30-5:30 PM
Tuesday 10:30-11:30 AM 1:30-5:30 PM
Friday 9-11:30 AM 1:30-4:30 PM

-Kimberley Rolf, Academic Advisor IV

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