ZAP Attack

ZAP Attack: Don’t let it happen to you!It may have happened to you before and it’s a daunting feeling: you set up the perfect school schedule with all the courses you need, the professors you want, the times and dates that fit your personal schedule and you’re feeling great about it. You have the rest of the summer to relax and not worry about your school schedule.
Then late August rolls around. It’s a week before school starts, and you log in to your ASAP account to make sure everything is good to go. You click on your schedule of courses and they’re gone!
A state of panic ensues. You click around ASAP, frantically searching for your courses, but to no avail. How could your classes completely vanish? Chances are you were “zapped.”
What’s ZAP? ZAP is when a student’s classes are dropped for nonpayment. It occurs the evening after the first payment deadline of the semester. This is why registration closes for a short period of time after the first payment deadline: the ZAP process is in full swing and dropping non-paid students from their courses.
Whether your pay out of pocket, use some time of financial assistance (FAFSA, Hazelwood, VA Benefits, the Texas Tomorrow Fund, scholarships, …the list goes on), it is imperative you have a payment made, or some type of payment plan set up in time for the Fall payment deadline.
You might find yourself thinking, …but I filled out the FASFA, Financial Aid should have paid! Students who use any type of financial assistance should always check ahead of time to make sure they are not missing any documents or signatures necessary for your financial aid to pay out on time. This will ensure that you do not fall prey to a ZAP attack!
***Here is the ASAP link with Fall payment deadlines.

-Amy Gomez, Academic Advisor

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