The Future of Advising!

The Future of Advising: Skype Sessions
We are happy to announce that beginning May 13th, 2013, we will offer Skype Advising sessions to our COSUAC students!
If you have a Skype ID and have used your Skype account before, then we are able to hold a Skype advising session with you. This should make advising more convenient for any of you who are unable to visit our center in person.
We have long used telephone advising sessions for students who absolutely cannot come in, and we will continue to hold phone sessions, but we realize there are limitations to phone advising, such as not being able to show you your degree plan or semester-by-semester plans as you follow along with us. Skype sessions should alleviate such issues.
Before the Skype session, we will scan and email a copy of your degree plan and semester by semester plan and any other necessary paperwork.
We’re excited about this new venture in Advising and we hope you are too! 
To learn more about Skype, and how to set up an account, please visit:
To schedule a Skype appt, please call the COSUAC at 210-458-4045 with your Skype address.
-Amy Gomez, Advisor II

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