Coming right up: 45H & 90H holds

All UTSA students who have earned 45 and 90 undergraduate credit hours will receive an automatic registration hold in February, and must meet with an advisor to discuss your updated degree plan and create a semester by semester plan. These holds are set in place to make sure you are on the right track towards completing your degree. You and your academic advisor will work together to create a semester by semester plan which lays out all the courses and prerequisites required for completion of your degree. This is helpful because it also provides you with a projected graduation date. Once you have met with your advisor the hold will be lifted, allowing you to register.

During the 90 hour hold appointment your advisor will check to ensure you have met (or are currently working toward) all correct degree and graduation requirements! Also, this is the time when the advisor will inform you about which classes are still needed in order to graduate. Meeting with an advisor will prevent errors that may cause you to not graduate on time! The graduation application process will also be discussed.

Please stop by the Science Building (FLN 2.03.02) or call 210-458-4045 to schedule your appointment. <strong>Please note, students may not come into the advising center for their 45 / 90 hour hold during walk-in time periods.</strong> <em><strong>This type of meeting requires an appointment!  </strong></em>Hundreds of students will receive this hold so it is best to schedule your appointment early and make sure to keep it!  If you do not receive the hold, you are either not in range, or you have recently completed a semester by semester plan with an advisor.

– Lori Richardson, Advisor I

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Treat Yourself! UTSA and COS Scholarships

Feeling the pinch of school expenses this semester? It’s no secret that education costs are rising, but it’s important to keep in mind there are many opportunities for free money, and not just in the form of the FAFSA (Federal application for student aid). Scholarships are always available, it’s a matter of both looking and applying for them.

If your concern is whether or not you qualify for scholarships, you need to remove this frame of mind! The UTSA General Scholarship application has hundreds (literally hundreds!) of scholarships with a variety of requirements-some are stringent, and some are lax in their requirements.

The point is you need to apply. The scholarship deadline this year is February 14th, 2014 (Valentine’s Day-that’s easy enough to remember). So treat yourself to the possibility of a sweet financial reward and complete the scholarship application today.

You never know…this could be the year you win a scholarship…or two, or three…

-Amy Gomez, Academic Advisor II

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Spring 2014 Registration….Yes, It’s Almost upon Us!

Spring 2014 Registration ScheduleHours
Earned Registration Begins Registration Ends
130-150+ 7 AM, November 6th January 2nd
120-129 7 AM, November 7th January 2nd
110-119 7 AM, November 8th January 2nd
100-109 7 AM, November 11th January 2nd
90-99 7 AM, November 12th January 2nd
80-89 7 AM, November 13th January 2nd
70-79 7 AM, November 14th January 2nd
60-69 7 AM, November 15th January 2nd
45-59 7 AM, November 18th January 2nd
30-44 7 AM, November 19th January 2nd

COSUAC Extended Walk-in Hours for November
Extended Walk-in Hours are November 8th-19th
Day AM Walk-in Hours PM Walk-in Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9-11:30 AM 1:30-5:30 PM
Tuesday 10:30-11:30 AM 1:30-5:30 PM
Friday 9-11:30 AM 1:30-4:30 PM

-Kimberley Rolf, Academic Advisor IV

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ZAP Attack

ZAP Attack: Don’t let it happen to you!It may have happened to you before and it’s a daunting feeling: you set up the perfect school schedule with all the courses you need, the professors you want, the times and dates that fit your personal schedule and you’re feeling great about it. You have the rest of the summer to relax and not worry about your school schedule.
Then late August rolls around. It’s a week before school starts, and you log in to your ASAP account to make sure everything is good to go. You click on your schedule of courses and they’re gone!
A state of panic ensues. You click around ASAP, frantically searching for your courses, but to no avail. How could your classes completely vanish? Chances are you were “zapped.”
What’s ZAP? ZAP is when a student’s classes are dropped for nonpayment. It occurs the evening after the first payment deadline of the semester. This is why registration closes for a short period of time after the first payment deadline: the ZAP process is in full swing and dropping non-paid students from their courses.
Whether your pay out of pocket, use some time of financial assistance (FAFSA, Hazelwood, VA Benefits, the Texas Tomorrow Fund, scholarships, …the list goes on), it is imperative you have a payment made, or some type of payment plan set up in time for the Fall payment deadline.
You might find yourself thinking, …but I filled out the FASFA, Financial Aid should have paid! Students who use any type of financial assistance should always check ahead of time to make sure they are not missing any documents or signatures necessary for your financial aid to pay out on time. This will ensure that you do not fall prey to a ZAP attack!
***Here is the ASAP link with Fall payment deadlines.

-Amy Gomez, Academic Advisor

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Who’s my Advisor?

Who’s my advisor?Seems like a simple question, but the answer lends itself to be a little tricky. So let’s clarify, and make sure you are seeing the appropriate advisor.
Scenario 1: Your declared major is within the College of Science (COS) and you are earning a teacher certification: If this is the case, you will be dual advised by the College of Science Undergraduate Advising Center (COSUAC) and the College of Education and Human Development (COEHD). COSUAC will only advise on the portion of the degree plan related to COS. COEHD will advise you on teacher certification. Browse COEHD website for more information.
Scenario 2: Your declared major is within COS and you are working on completing prerequisites for a health profession: As your advisors, we see this particular scenario all the time. Please know you will be dual advised by our office and the Health Professions Office (HPO). COS advisors will only advise you on your COS degree plan, and will not advice on prereqs for a health profession. The HPO will advise you on prereqs, how to make yourself completive for application to a health profession, etc. Browse HPO website for additional information, and for prerequisites in the health professions field.
Scenario 3: You are a honors student:You will be dual advised by our office and the honors college. If you prefer, you may be exclusively advised by the honors college. Browse the Honors College website for more information.
Scenario 4: You are a double major: Let’s say for example, your declared majors are biology and business. You will be advised by COSUAC for your biology degree, and you will be advised by the College of Business Advising Center for your business degree. You will want to visit each advising center at least once per semester.
Scenario 5: Your declared major is within COS, but your minor is in another college:We, of course, will advise you on your COS degree. The college in which your minor is housed will be the advising center you visit for your minor. For example, if your minor is Health, you will be advised by the College of Education and Human Development Advising Center. If your minor is Psychology, you will be advised by the College of Liberal and Fine Arts Advising Center. You get the drift.
**Please note that if you prefer to see a specific advisor in the COSUAC, you are welcome to request that advisor. In the event they are not available on that day or time, please know that our advisors are cross-trained, meaning we can meet with students no matter what their intended or current major is, as long as it is falls under the college of Sciences.
SAS Students that have questions regarding their SAS requirements, must meet with a SAS advisor, or if they have a SAS hold they need to set up an appointment with a SAS advisor. There are typically 3 designated SAS advisors in the COSUAC.
Can I be advised downtown?Yes, you can be advised at our downtown location. Our Downtown College of Science Advisor, Lauren West, is available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for walk-ins and appointments. Please call or stop by the office to schedule an appointment. She is located in the Buena Vista Bldg 1.304 and can be contacted at 210-458-2550.
Services offered include the following:
• Degree plans
• Semester-by-semester plans
• Graduation questions and preliminary audits
• Change of major and catalogs
• Adding COS minors
• Registration assistance
• Questions about holds, university polices/procedures, and forms
• Campus referrals
• Transfer issues

-Lauren West, DT Academic Advisor & Amy Gomez, Academic Advisor

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What the CLEP?!

CLEP tests can be a great option for COS students seeking credit for either core curriculum or free electives without having to take a full semester course. There are few major courses that are available as CLEP options (such as CHE 1103, General Chemistry I lecture).
How does it work? Students must register for the CLEP test on the UTSA Testing services website. You are provided some study material ahead of time (please inquire with Testing Services) and you take the test in person at either the Main Campus or the Downtown Campus. If you meet the minimum passing score for your specific CLEP test, then you will earn credit for the course in which you took the CLEP test.
Credit earned for CLEP tests is not the same as a letter grade. It will appear as “CR” on your transcript. “CR” has no impact on your GPA.
How does this benefit me? If you “CLEP” Introduction to Sociology, and meet the minimum passing score, then you earn credit for that course, and it will cover your Social and Behavioral Science core requirement, instead of paying upwards of $800 for a semester long class. It can help you save money and time as long as you can pass the test.
It is important to know that if you do not pass a specific CLEP test, you cannot retake the test until 6 months after.
After you complete a CLEP test, your score will appear on ASAP. Students must accept their scores on ASAP.
It is highly recommended that you take a CLEP exam as early in your undergraduate career as possible, as it can take time to receive scores. If you wait until you are close to graduation, chances are your CLEP scores may not come in on time for graduation.
Here is the link for Testing Services:
Please note the CLEP test is not the same as the Placement Exam. The Placement exam allows you to place in to a class if you meet the requirements, whereas the CLEP allows you to earn credit.
We hope this blog has given you more insight on the CLEP, and has not left you thinking, “what the CLEP?!”
-Amy Gomez, Academic Advisor

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The Future of Advising!

The Future of Advising: Skype Sessions
We are happy to announce that beginning May 13th, 2013, we will offer Skype Advising sessions to our COSUAC students!
If you have a Skype ID and have used your Skype account before, then we are able to hold a Skype advising session with you. This should make advising more convenient for any of you who are unable to visit our center in person.
We have long used telephone advising sessions for students who absolutely cannot come in, and we will continue to hold phone sessions, but we realize there are limitations to phone advising, such as not being able to show you your degree plan or semester-by-semester plans as you follow along with us. Skype sessions should alleviate such issues.
Before the Skype session, we will scan and email a copy of your degree plan and semester by semester plan and any other necessary paperwork.
We’re excited about this new venture in Advising and we hope you are too! 
To learn more about Skype, and how to set up an account, please visit:
To schedule a Skype appt, please call the COSUAC at 210-458-4045 with your Skype address.
-Amy Gomez, Advisor II

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